Monday, August 11, 2008

Caroline's Reactions/Angryish Rant/I liked it??

Don't read this if you have not read Breaking Dawn yet... unless you want to be spoiled. Becuase i feel that there has been adaquate time for everyone to read it. If you haven't and you get spoiled, too bad for you becuase i am warning you.

Ummmm yeah. On a lighter note so i know everyone has been checking this site non stop waiting for my reaction becuase its so fantastic (not) but I have been undecided with my reactions.
Its like Bella's mood swings. I didn't like and then i did and then i didnt then i did... then i decided i didnt know if i really liked it at all or not... hmm. And you think this is confusing for you to follow. This goes on in my head.

Anywayssss, Over all I am creeped out but I like it. I don't really feel like giving a play by play or rather chapter by chapter so I will generalize....

In the beggining i was wayy to excited to care that it sucked.
Then i got to the honeymoon. that really dissapointed me. I really wanted like half of the book to just describe him naked and the sex. seriously? blackout (future reference- but you describe the gory disgusting scene of bella giving birth that was just nasty and made me want to puke?)
Continuing- just seriously though at first i was like waiiittt she did NOT just blackout the sex scene. seriously! thats umm kind of the point of reading BD cause honestly who cares if they get married cause i cant marry edward soooo.... angryness... and then the whole preggers thing. Umm yeah. I totally called it right after they had sex and she was eating dozenssss and dozenss of eggs. (btw eww i dont like eggs)
So yeah the pregnancy thing was totally annoyingness
Part 2: Jacobness=funny annoyingness grossness and a billion pages
Jacob is funny and i enjoy his blondie jokes and stuff but seriosly i dont wanna read a million kajillion pages about his point of view even though i enjoyed it? make sense? no. but thats what i think.
Anyways I was tottallyyy grossed out by the whole pregnancy thing/ birthing thing (okay birthing more but eww to both things)
[Howwww are theyy going to make this into a movie]
I feel better that jacob is not suffering anymore, but seriously couldn't he just have imprinted on that Lizzie girl (from that scene that made me giggle)!! or some other random girl?
BETTER IDEA! how about bella DOESNT have a baby. o wait. thats not possible since SM is OBSESSED with babies *still wait for full explanation*
Part 3: Bella's part again
Okay. This is when i thought it got good again
I like Bella as an angry vampire, but i secretly wished that she went wild. but i guess that never would have worked out with her babyness and all...
Anwyays i am kind of getting sick of commenting on this soo i will speed up.
THE VOLTURI SCENE WAS WAYYY TOOO LONG AND ANNOYING. becuase NOTHING absolutely NOTHING happened except bella realizes the extent of her powers. okay SM, you could have made this part a little bit shorter while I just wanted a little sex action or even just regular action? But they don't do ANYTHING. They just sit there protected and then they are like oh man. You guys had us beat. Let's go home so they can live happily ever after. It is slightly similar to (if you have ever watched dora the explorer) to swiper no swiping. Although they don't take up 3/4 ths of the show to make swiped give in at dora's skills. We allready know the outcome so why delay?
Anyways babies anyone? Throughout the series SM has shown us how almost all of her characters want to be mothers. Rosalie= obsessive pshtchopath who will stop at nothing to have a baby/be a mother. Esme killed herself for her baby. Alice doesn't know better but if she did she would want to be a mother. Bella did not see the light until she became a mother but now it's her obsession. Etc. Etc. I know people like babies ( I do too) but for a teen/preteen novel it's weird obsessive and kind of sounds like she wants us all to become mothers and just breed. I mean I know that's what we are for. But there is more to life than just being a mother. I think it might e a better message for old people who understand being a genetic dead end or are allready mothers. Since I am neither yet as most teens are I don't think u can appreciate the obsession of motherhood. In her writing it makes being a mother sound like a cult.

Plus Edward brooded the whole book unless he was having sex. Which made me upset. I like that he got to see in her mind though

This may look like I didn't like the book. But I did. Sort of. I have no clue of what I think. This book confounds me as to what my opinion is. Anyways I am getting so off topic I shall stop now. But yeah I will probably change my mid about it later. So I will probably write again. Also I am forgetting what my main point was and or any other commentary that I meant to write.
I tend to way overthink things though and probably am wayyyy over analyzing this so I will stop for real now.


Confused but weirdly content,


Anonymous said...

Ur rant was funny and kinda true Lol I ENJOYED THE BOOK yay me!!! And ya U!!!!!!

nyera said...

ou have some very legitimate points wilbersss.


Caroline said...

I hope you are talking about the dora the explorer part ;)
And Johanna says to go check out her angry comment on the tube of you.

nyeraaa said...

i did. it was fantastic :)

Caroline said...

also- I have just been informed that one time swiped did win. So my analogy of volturi is to bella as swiped is to dora is not foolproof. But in the end dora still gets her shit back so it's all good.

jess said...

I WANTED THEM TO FIIIIIGHT!!! STUPID BOOK!!! i agree; stephenie meyer is way too obsessed with babies. and i hated the honeymoon. i mean, i don't really care if they freakin' have sex or whatever! it was totally not what i expected. and i hate it. i like how its not centered around bella the whole time.

Anonymous said...


um but im kinda real happy that the lovy dovy bits were blackouts cos im not really interusted in them makng love to tell u the truth u know

but i WAS real dissapointed that there was no BATTLE cos i was really looking forwasrd to that but it was long and boring and no battle

but i think that overall it was an awesome book



luv anoshka
its been so long since ive visited the site (first time since BD came out gosh...)

Anonymous said...


amanda said...

haha yeah I agree with a lot of your points. I liked the book.
but it kinda seemed like stephenie gave up in some parts like the whole volturi confrontation. seriously. from what I read of the volturi in the other books, they wouldn't just leave like that. well. i guess apparently they would... but I dunno I really expected there to be a bit more to it than that. meh. It was still a good book regardless. ahah

Fatima said...

fight, fight, fight!!
rawr. i can't believe there was no fight!

nyera said...

SM had it planned that there would be no fight. she said in an interview that it was a MENTAL battle instead of a physical one.

i wouldnt say she "gave up". thats total bs

amanda said...

yeah that's true. I didn't think about that.

Anonymous said...

You are hillarious. ahahaha omg
Dora the Explorer.
Btw its Swiper and not Swiped...

SM is obsessed with babies.
The first three books were in a different direction. This one just made it sooo different and it was just weird.

And whoever said that they weren't interested in them making love but that they loved the book... thats kind of how Renesmee came around... soooo...

Anonymous said...

Your reaction was kinda' the same as mine too.

And yes, Michael Phelps is a beast. And one with a sexy body too :) GO PHELPS! GO USA!

Nikki said...

umm... sori guys but i dont like michael phelps.... *runs nd hides*
haha.. dora the explorer... XD i got nothing agaisnt BD.. isle esme was sweet... u have to agree with that... i just ttly ♥ nessie... i reali think she's adorable.. the blondie jokes that jake said was pretty funny...
*still in hiding*

riley said...

Michael Phelps is the beastliest :DDD

I didn't like the thing about her having a baby either.
And I think everybody wanted a little Bella Edward action.

The thing that made me the most angry was the name Renesmee Carlie. I think It's one of the worst names EVER. I mean, Carlie is okay but Renesmee?? Ugh.

I thought Jacob's point of view was too long. But he is her favorite character...

RachelBlack said...

*sigh* michael phelps is whopping australia's arse.


and yeah, you had heaps of good points in your little rant

except, jake is awesome :)

Brandi said...

hey well i just found this site and everything and i absolutly LOVE it :)

anyway .... ya i was super shocked about bella having a baby i didnt like it at all. But the honey moon i thought was really funny. I mean come on the feathers every where that made me crack up.
Oh and i was really PO wen jacob freaking imprinted on lil reneesme like seriously shes a BABY. dang. I called my friend chloe and like started screaming at her i was so mad lol

Ok well ya love the site :)