Tuesday, June 2, 2009


YES!!!! tis true my friends. one only has to watch and see.

seeing is believing. Believe my friends, believe.


wow that was one of my creeeepier posts, but i kind of prefer it creepy.


Zach said...

HAHAHA yours went up 5 minutes after mine ;)

yeah i LIKED..jk haha yea wasn't a fan of the New Moon trailer :/
i mean Jake turning into a wolf? WTHeck is this? i was toldly picturing them like the lichensfrom the underworld series but not that stupid crap haha


Bite Me: A Twilight Podcast said...

hahahaha... but jake does turn into a wolf.... so yeah.

im mad that edwards gunna be in it like the whole movie and theyre changing it a lot

but i think this new director is better allready, yet i miss catherines antics that made the movie so quirky and bad that it was great.

Stacie said...

lol ok i will always love new moon the most but seriously that harry potter trailer was kick ass!!! iwas so good!! i loved it :)

Anonymous said...

win harry potter!
damn, that movie looks soooo good!
i'm pumped.
it did kickass

Nuha said...

loved it loved it loved it!

taylor said...

wowww. how can wolves and vampires compare to dark lords with slits for noses. lol. umm HP deffffinately! cant wait. it will be amazingg


the jake turning into a wolf was TOTALLY ripped from prisoner of azkaban.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why everybody is ragging on the NM trailer, i thought it was great. The Hp one is great also. Why can't there just be a medium. And Zach.. get some knowledge of the books, Jake does turn into a werewolf... and you don't need to say haha after everything.

Nuha said...

wuuuuuww. its getting a little tense in this commenting room. lol, i dont want anything to sound wrong, so i'll just settle the differences right now.

zach, u can laugh all u want. where I am, CANADA, we've got something called freedom of speech, so u can laugh all u want.

and second of all, HP and the Twilight saga are both awesome books and all. i dont think ANYONE should be comparing them with eachother. they are both two different books. One is magical and mysterious, while the other is romantic and sinister. SO BOTH TRAILERS AND BOOKS WERE AWESOME!


Anonymous said...

i'm also from canada.
canada owns.

Nuha said...

Canada owns anyone who thinks they own.
Thats why we own...eh?

Asil said...

of course! Canada rocks! I'm from there too.

Anonymous said...

i say that to much ;p
good ol' canadian sterotypes, eh!

Anonymous said...

good ol beating people down eh?

Stacie said...

they are both going to e equally amazing i hope!!!! ♥

Zach said...

haha im confused idunderstand where the whold freedom of speech came from? haha

taylor said...

alright. in ned of help. saying to put on hp tshirt?

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