Thursday, May 21, 2009

Breaking Dawn Movie

It is official that Robert Pattinson just signed a contract to do Breaking Dawn! YAY!  I feel like BD will be really weird.  They are going to have to skip over so many things and its going to be weird.  EEEEEP. I just saw it on e-online. you can go to their website to check it outt



Stacie said...

ok i completely agree like i really have no idea how they are going to make a movie of it in all honesty lol cause so many things happen that would make the movie like rated R lol

Andrew said...

Breaking Dawn... That will be B.I.G.

And yes, rated R too :P

Anonymous said...

yah talk about wierd and yah

hey u know how steph was talking about spliiting the movie in 2

do u think that will happen or not

ToTally R Rated!!!

luv anoshka

Stacie said...

yeah but like i dont think they would rate it R though cause like all the other ones will be pg-13 or whatever lol so they would probably change a crap load of stuff :( and that wouldnt be good at all.

i think they would split it in two just because it sounds like it's really what they want to do.

Nuha said...

okay, i think it SHOULD be rated R if they are going to be putting in some of the REALLY inappropriate things that happened in the book, like how Bella is like completely naked when Edward takes out Renesmee. But, then again, I think that they would just tone those things down a little and make them PG13-ish.
Overall, the movie might not come out right, but what movie actually DOES come out right?
who agrees?

Asil said...

based on the outcome of Twilight relating to the book, my hopes for BD aren't that great. They're probably gonna change A LOT of things!

Anonymous said...


fine they take out all of the luv scenes and also dress bella up when renesmee is born

still the blood in that scene and stuff

man R-rated for sure

i dont think that they can produce a QUALITY movie and a movie that is TRUE to the book but

hey im sure they will really tone it down...

maybe even to an extent where everything is really childish and stuff

2 words


luv anoshka

Stacie said...

i dont really know, i mean i think it would make ssense for the movie to be rated R because of everything that is in it but i dont really know what to expect yet, i mean New moon hasn't even come out yet and we are already judging breaking dawn lol? I think we should wait to see how new moon and at least eclipse come out until we can really tell how BD will be.


Nuha said...

here's what I think.
Obviously, summit or whoevers making the movie wants lots of people to go see the movies, right?
Well, if they make New moon, for example, PG13... then they would get lots of people coming to see it.

BUT. If they make..oh i dunno..eclipse or Brekaing Dawn R rated, then they will NOT get lots of people watching it because most of us are just teens and can't go SEE an R rated movie without a parent.

So why would they make it R rated? They wouldnt! Thats the answer, becuase they KNOW they wont get lots of ppl to come and see the movie.
SO what I think will happen is this: They will have the honeymoon scenes, the delivery, and all that jazz..but just not in the inappropriate manner.

its as easy as that.

Anonymous said...

yah probably

but it sucks though


luv anoshka

Bite Me: A Twilight Podcast said...

hahahah by the time that movie comes out mostly all the teens who read it WILL be 17 and thats when you can see rated R movies without a parent. I'm turning 17 on friday and they won't put out 2 movies in one year so think. even if a girl is 13 now she would be 14 by new moon, 15 by eclipse (if they split it into parts 16 by part 2) and then her parents would probs let her go if she was 16 and if not, she can wait till the dvd comes out when shes 17. and all the little kids after that can wait cause i had to wait.


Nuha said...

wow, thats a nice way to put it.
I totally agree :D

Bite Me: A Twilight Podcast said...

ahhhh caro's going to be in college by the time eclipse comes out!! WHO AM I GOING TO SEE IT WITH?1!?!

<3 nera

Nuha said...

okay. I. Am. Bored.

omg i just remembered!
where's zac been lately?

Anonymous said...


am i'll be lyk 20 according to carolines calculations



luv anoshka

Stacie said...

lol yeah i'll be like 21 by the time breaking dawn comes out!! GAH that's frightening!!

But seriously i cant wait for the movie it's going to be awesome and i am so excited for New Moon cause it really looks like they're keeping to the story.

Nuha said...

okay, I just saw and GUESS WHAT I FOuND OIUT???
okay...heres the you remember when Bella's running to Edward in Italy and telling him to stop? Well, the movie has her running full speed at him and smacks into him and KISSES him.
thats the stupidest thing to do. the whole point was to keep that moment until AFTER they come back to Forks. SO YEAH! I am SO pissed, but its a movie, so who cares....

someone please go check it out and tell me what they think!
GAH! still pissed.

Stacie said...

wowooww they have a lot of pictures on there holy crap!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!
it makes me so much more excited for the movie!!

Anonymous said...

i know

i dont like the whole kissing thing either but.....

oh well

i have to admit it still looks awesome

so yah

lets hope for the best

luv anoshka

Stacie said...

i know i completely agree!! it does look like it's going to be awesome!! i can't believe how fast the time has gone by already, i can't wait to see it.

Olah Chadasha said...

Yeah, after I finished BD, I was like, how the heck are they going to make this into a movie? They're going to have to make it Rated R, or butcher the book to make it into PG-13.

I know they can insinuate all the sex scenes. I mean, it's not like they go into any Harlequin Romance details when Steph describes the scenes in the book. And I mean, Rated PG-13 has gotten more and more risque over the years, but still...

What about the birth? That's a Rated R scene alone! I think that in order to stay true to the book in any sense of the word, they're going to have to seriously consider making it Rated R. Hey, and by the time the movie comes out, many of the teen fans will be 18, won't they?

Anonymous said...

I WOULD LIKE TO COMMENT SAYING THAT THEY DONT HAVE TO MAKE IT RATED R. I have an idea and if the director was smart they would think of it too. Or rather steal my idea all together. Okay so just make the whole birth scene in bella's point of veiw.. make her throw up blood and then hear her spine crack and then she show a screen of black. then they could have her open her eyes a little bit and then renesmee bites her. then a black screen again. then make a sound of a fast beating heart and then nothing as bella opens her eyes and sees clearer and realizes she is no longer human

love Maddy

Anonymous said...

Breaking Dawn won't b rated R only 4 the fact that the scenes that ppl r saying that it will b rated R 4 don't go into detail. The best the film is going to get is a rated PG-13. Besides if it was rated R Stephenie Meyer wouldn't go see it and that's her book. So I don't think theres anything that will indicate that the film will be rated R.