Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wolf Pack and Eclipse Director!

I saw this picture this morning while looking at Deathly Hallows filming pics but totally forgot to post it. Take a look (from the Lexicon).

WOW. That's what I thought.
Remember how I called Jared a while ago? Well Alex Meraz is apparently playing Paul. So you can have Jared, but I have dibs on Paul :)
Also, Sam looks like a middle aged man. I MISS SOLOMAN!!! I like the tattoo crest things.

BREAKING NEWS! David Slade will direct Eclipse! He looks pretty chill. Lovin the beanie.
Ooh, just found out he's British. Yay!

PS. I dreamt of Jacob a few nights ago HAHA. we were having warm sodas in the garage. IT'S A SIGN.


erin ! said...



Stacie said...

i feel slightly uncertain about him, just cause i am afraid of what he might make our beloved vampires into, but i think that he would do a good job with the movie.

erin ! said...

yeah i agree, the new director looks a tad......iffy for lack of a better word.

but the wolf pack....
well that's another story ;P