Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Movie Release Dates

[EDIT BY NYERA] These dates are most definitley not confirmed. IMDB isn't exactly a reliable source.
Interview with Stephenie, Twilight CONVENTION! Bella vs. Hermione and an interview with Melissa Rosenberg
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Hey there guys, I had a look on the Twilight IMDB page and look what I found!!! Release dates for a whole bunch of countries!!! Enjoy!


rachelblack said...

ok, not sure about the other countries
but australia's is DEFINTIELY wrong

since before it was put forward
it was coming out on the 8th of january (i have a movie poster to prove it)


Stacie said...

okay seriously!!! hermione over bella!!! psssssh!!! come one!! thats not even right

Michelle said...

hey, i've just been looking too (yeah, shool is boring) none of them are right because they would have been the ones BEFORE the date change (would change it but the school computer is being a ***** and won't let me lon into the blog)because i know that Australia's new date is the 11th of December 2008

Ton said...

stop hating IMDb... >_<'
really, it's usually a reliable source it's just that they haven't updated it (or rather no one has told them to update it)

nikki said...

just move the dang release date 3 weeks earlier... its as close as u get wen u do that since they havnt updated it yet... but dont start hating me wen the actual date is different from the thing i just said.. AND STOP HATING THE DANG IMDB!!