Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Hellooo, Twilighters! It's Tuesday!! SM talks about BD movie possibilities. The whole article is here. Within the article is another link where SM answers some questions about BD. I'm not sure if I posted it already but here it is.

Before anybody says this is a gimmick to make more money, it's not. If they do carry out the decision to split BD into two parts, it's only to keep from cutting lots of scenes. They would split the movie for the fans. I don't think money will be an issue after Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse hit theatres (then there's also the DVD sales).

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amanda said...

Yeah they really won't have any money issues after the other movies. I'm trying to think where they'd 'split' the book. Like what parts would make up the first movie, and what parts would make up the second. Im glad they're considering making it into two though.

n yera said...

part one would be book one and two then part 2 would be book 3 SM says. i think thats a good place to split it. you cant really do it anywhere else could you?

amanda said...

no, I don't think it would really make much sense splitting it anywhere else.